5th September 2017

The most predominant factor that provoked thought throughout V for vendetta – to create importance in the film within the audience -was the most obvious underlying notion intentionally injected throughout the film by the director, the strength of an single idea. In order provoke this thought and present this lesson or moral in the ability to make change through a great idea a range of cinematography techniques were used avidly throughout key scenes, those being the montage sequence and the fight scene. V throughout these scenes was the entity that represented an idea, and through his doings he as an idea (being freedom, equality, and escape from the torture of the distopian society that destroyed his life) spread in order to end the totalitarian regime that had overthrown England and bring forth a revolution to the citizens of London. the montage sequence presented V as an idea spreading in multiple ways. The first series of fast paced shots in the sequence showed packages being delivered to houses all throughout the city that contained masks identicle to V’s, presenting a literal and metaphorical message of the spread of V as an idea  – forcing his symbolic image in and amongst the citizens. From here the scene continues to increase in pace and becomes very hectic as the montage cuts between shots of riots, robbery’s, shootings and so forth. alongside the montaged images diagetic sounds of gunshots, screaming and dialogue “anarchy in the uk”

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  1. A good start, Noah. Look to polish sentences for greater effect and impact.


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